Incredibly Fast SSD Linux Hosting

Enjoy peace of mind with our high performance SSD Linux servers.
Custom-configured Linux VPS built for speedor your money back!


Custom Config

This is where the magic happens! Each web server is hand-configured specific to your web application, database and traffic to ensure not only lightning-fast page loads, but also increased concurrent capacity and overall throughput.


We keep your server stable and secure around the clock with network and application firewalls, DDoS mitigation, Brute Force protection, security updates/patches and software upgrades to your stack. Allowing you to focus on your business and not your server.


Increasingly, fast CPU processors are spending more time waiting on data from storage. Our servers feature cached SSD storage to address this common bottleneck with storage speeds well in excess of 1GB/s of I/O and 200k IOPS!

99.99% Uptime

We schedule server maintenance and optimization tasks during off-peak hours so that our clients see 99.99+% uptime! StackLinux servers come with real-time health monitoring. You can also visit our infrastructure status page and/or subscribe to service updates. 

Fully Managed

We offer proactive monitoring of server uptime and performance. In the rare case of an issue, we’ll notify you and begin resolving immediately. Management includes OS updates, server/app monitoring, tuning, etc.


All of our servers include free nightly backups. Also, ask about our remote CDP (continuous data protection) which remotely syncs your entire web server hourly. Useful if you need to restore specific files or your entire server with minimum to zero service interruption.


2GB Memory
6 core processor
20GB SSD Disk
1TB Transfer


4GB Memory
6 core processor
40GB SSD Disk
2TB Transfer


8GB Memory
6 core processor
80GB SSD Disk
3TB Transfer


16GB Memory
8 core processor
160GB SSD Disk
4TB Transfer


Plans with up to
64GB of RAM and
12 CPU cores
are available.


Why host with StackLinux?
If you appreciate custom-made, you’ll love StackLinux. In an industry where everything has become automated and mass produced, we aim keep that ‘small-shop’ personal touch. You are not just an account number and your new VPS won’t launch in a few seconds. Instead, we offer SSD-based Linux VPS hosting hand-built for you!
Is there a money back guarantee?
Absolutely. Moving to a new web host isn’t an easy decision. Therefore, after payment for your SSD based VPS, you’ll have 30 days to request a full refund. No questions asked!
How long before my VPS is built?
If your application is approved, we’ll contact you within 24 hours for more details and to begin customizing your VPS build. Delivery usually takes 24 to 48 hours.
How do I migrate to StackLinux?
We will migrate your websites to StackLinux free of charge! We’re available 24×7 to help with any questions or problems you may have during the process. Migration includes audit of current server, migration of data, config/tuning of your new server and guidance with DNS/NS changes.
What Linux distros do you offer?
We offer Ubuntu LTS, Debian, Fedora, CentOS and CentOS + cPanel or Plesk. We also support and custom configure Nginx, Apache, PHP, MySQL, memcached, Redis, Varnish, Cloudflare, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, etc.
How many IPs allowed per server?
You’ll be happy to know that we offer up to 10 IPs depending on the size and traffic of your VPS. Tell us your requirements, if we think we’ll make a great fit, we’ll make it happen!

Ready to get started?

Knowing that my site is hosted with StackLinux allows me to forget about the server aspect of running a web-based business and focus on growing my business.

Rick Prince

Our partner in managing the servers that are the backbone to the delivery of our educational initiatives.

Gina Carithers

Perfection! Stacklinux knows this stuff better than any host I’ve ever worked with.

Jordan L.

This is the most confident I have ever been in my server configs and I’ve been at this for 6 straight years. Many thanks!

Dusty Dean

5 years of hosting my clients’ websites with StackLinux and not a single complaint! Always online and fast!

Christine Otten